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Instagram: jjbernau
Website: bernaubodies.com
HT/WT: 5'8, 210 lbs

Competition History:
6/2007: NPC AZ Open; 16th/16 - Open light heavies; 6th/8 Novice
10/2007: Police/Fire Games; 1st - open light heavies
11/2007: NPC AZ, 6th - Open light heavies, 3rd place, Novice
2008: NPC AZ, 9th Open light heavies
7/2009: NPC AZ Open -7th open light heavies
2/2010: NPC StrykerX - 1st open light heavies
11/2013: NPC AZ, 3rd place open light heavies
5/2014: NPC Dennis James, 5th open light heavies
07/14: NPC AZ, 2nd place open light heavies
06/2015 NPC Europa, Dallas: 5th open Open heavies, 10th Masters
08/2015: NPC Pacific USA Championships San Diego, 3rd place Open heavies
09/2015: NPC Desert Storm AZ, 1st open heavies
07/2016: NPC AZ Open, 2nd Heavies
04/20/2018: NPC Thunderdome, heavyweights, 1st place and overall champion.
07/21/2018: NPC Masters Nationals, Pittsburgh, PA, open 35+, open 40+

I became inspired with competitive bodybuilding after watching a friend compete at an NPC Miles Productions show in 2006. After watching such a great show, I wondered what it would take to get my physique to the next level and to be shredded enough to be on stage. I decided to start training for my 1st show and competed for the 1st time in June 2007 with Miles Productions.

The competition that day was fierce and it was evident the competitors have been in the game for a long time. After placing dead last in my 1st show, I was happy to have gone through the process to see what an eye opening experience that was! I had no idea the amount of discipline, training and hard work that entailed with the sport. That’s when I fell in love with bodybuilding. It pushed my determination and discipline to the max! I wanted to do better!

Since that 1st show, I have competed in over a dozen shows in several states. My ultimate goal was to eventually win the overall title. It took me 11 years for my dreams to come true! I finally won the 2018 NPC Thunderdome Overall Bodybuilding title!

I am currently 43 years old and have been in law enforcement for over 25 years.

In 2013, I was on-duty as traffic motorcycle officer and was involved in a serious car/motorcycle accident on February 2013. As a result, I suffered several broken bones, including an open-book pelvic fracture that sent me to the hospital for weeks. After several long months of recovery, I was determined to get back on the saddle and back into the gym (in a wheelchair). After making a full recovery, I went on to compete that same year in November 2013, coming in 3rd place in the Open Light-Heavy class! Doctors credited my quick recovery by being healthy and in great shape!

Having competed in different shows with different promoters, I have always been impressed with how well run and organized Miles Productions is with their shows. The judges are fair and I can honestly say I have always agreed with how they place people, even when I haven’t placed high. Miles Productions truly puts the athletes first and is the reason why I keep coming back to compete in Miles shows.

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