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Tonay TwittyMP Muscle Girl Gallery


Tonya Twitty

Age: 30
Height: 5’ 6”
Competition Stats
Weight: 125lbs
Measurements: 32” x 27” x 36”

2013 NPC OKC Grand Prix – Bikini Class C 12th Place
2013 NPC Western Regional – Bikini Class E 10th Place
2014 NPC Desert Storm – Figure Class B 2nd Place
2015 NPC Dennis James Classic – Figure Class C 8th Place
2016 NPC Natural Outlaw – Bikini Class C 2nd Place

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About Me…
I have been a Phoenician for over 3 years, and the excitement of this place has still not worn off! I relocated from Oklahoma to Phoenix in 2012 to focus on my career as an engineer for Toyota and have never been happier. Since moving to AZ, I have trained at multiple gyms in the valley; Mountainside is still my favorite, but my second home is with all the wonderful people at The Pro Physiques in Gilbert. There is a tremendous fitness community here, and it is full of amazing and inspiring people.

Like most athletes in this industry, my love for fitness started at an early age through team sports. When I was in high school, circuit training was integrated into our basketball and soccer practices. In my late teens, I got my hands on a womens fitness magazine, and it literally changed my life. I saw women like Jenny Lynn and Monica Brant competing at the Arnold Classic, and thought they looked so amazing and beautiful; I knew from then on that I wanted to be on stage with those ladies someday, so I started down my own path to fitness. The best advice for living a fit and healthy lifestyle is to set realistic goals, work hard, be patient, be consistent, surround yourself with supportive, positive people. In college, my sister, Deanna, inspired me when she enrolled in a weight training class, and I would attend with her as often as the professor would allow. For years I educated myself with fitness and nutrition articles, and I always stayed in good shape; but things became difficult when I went back to school for my Bachelors degree. I did what I could, but it was so tough to keep a consistent workout schedule with finals and deadlines always looming! Finally I graduated a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Oklahoma in 2011, and started hitting the gym full force once again.

Fitness has been a huge part of my life for over a decade, but I didn’t start competing until 2013. My friends and co-NPC-competitors Dianne Rabourn and Khai Berry inspired me to finally enter my first show. My second competition was in Mesa at the Performing Arts Center; named the 2013 Western Regional hosted by Miles Productions, it was the best experience I have had so far in the NPC. The venue was top notch, as were the sponsors and vendors. All the event staff, volunteers, and photographers were very knowledgeable, and friendly. Everything was so well organized that even backstage was not the typical chaos, though there were over 500 competitors! Miles Productions goes above and beyond to give competitors a great experience; I am definitely looking forward to the next show, and I hope to see you there : )

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