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About Miles Productions

First, I would like to introduce myself, Miles Nuessle, and my family, Kim, Haily and Miles Jr. Kim is my rock and does everything that I can't or don't have time to do. Haily is our oldest and she is very involved in Young Life, a Christian outreach program in the high school she attends. She is also on the dance team for her high school and is thinking about getting into ministry full time after college. Miles Jr. is the 2nd Jock in the family, and loves football and wrestling. He has done very well as a wrestler, with several championship titles to his credit, and is also very involved in our church, Desert Breeze, as is the whole family.

My personal passion has also been sports, particularly bodybuilding. I first began competing in the NPC physique shows in the late 80's. In my first show I placed second to the overall winner and was hooked. I went back to the gym, did some refining and was fortunate enough to win the next six shows I entered. After this I was really hooked and you would think very ecstatic about the shows and presentations. I wasn't!

Most of the time I was disappointed in the promoting and production value of the shows, and even a little embarrassed for my family and friends in the audience. I thought to myself if I ever got the chance to promote an NPC show my number one goal would be to increase the production value, for both the athletes and the audience, primarily their family and friends.

Well, in 1995 I got my chance and promoted my first NPC physique show. My goal was to make sure both athletes and audience were blown away by the promoting and production value, and that is still my number one goal today.

It has taken a lot of time and effort, but I think "we", Miles Productions, does a pretty good job. We do this by holding the events in beautiful professional theaters equipped with state of the art sound and lighting systems, a large amazing stage and comfortable seating. For the athletes, the theaters include large lighted dressing rooms and a paging system to assist the expediters in organizing the athletes. For the final show we hire a professional prop company to set up amazing back grounds, so the athletes feel like the stars they are and the audience gets to experience the visual effects. Plus, it makes for some really cool pictures! We also provide various types of snacks, Gatorade and water for the athlete's hydration and carb-up needs, and plenty of weights, towels and mirrors in the pump up room.

I hope you noticed above where I reference "we". That's because one of the most important ingredients to the amazing shows in AZ are the people in my life; Kim, my wife, and my staff, Vice Chairman Bill Passmore, Vice Chairman Z Zellers, Kathy Cole, Felicia Romero, Houng Vo, Kevin Valle, Mike Valletta, Bailey Colson, Brian Butler, Bob Graham, Lisa Valletta, Haily Nuessle, Tony Bates, and Cheryl Cichon. As Z likes to say, "The family". Without their complete commitment the shows would not be what they are today. I want to thank them for all they do for the AZ NPC and Miles Productions. I love you guys!!

I also want to send out a special thank you to Jim Manion, the NPC President, for all his support over the years. He is a great leader and personal friend! I want to also mention my other profession as an Engineer for the Glendale Fire Department, which I've been a member of since 1991.

Someday I will retire from the fire department, but I will never retire from the NPC. It is my passion!!

I again, thank you for visiting my website and your interest in the AZ NPC.

Miles Nuessle

AZ Chairman, NPC & IFBB promoter