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Kellie Helena-NelsonMP Muscle Girl Gallery

Realtor/ NPC Figure Athlete/ Mother of three

Height ~ 5' 3/4"
Show Weight ~ 100 lbs.
Years competed ~ 1 year/ 1 show to date.
Favorite body part ~ back
Strongest body parts ~ shoulders and back
Favorite Supplements ~ Cyto Sport Vanilla Whey Protein, Freak'n Pumped pre workout, Xtend BCAA's Orange Dream, MP Glutamine

I started in the gym 12 1/2 years ago and haven't stopped since. After having my last son 3 years ago I was determined to get into the best shape of my life. I set goals and changed my way of thinking. I began training hard 5-6 days a week and I began eating clean every 2 hours. When I made these big adjustments I started to see the results I always dreamed about. My gym saw my hard work paying off and I was featured in their magazine as a "Core Concepts Moment" Before I knew it I had complete strangers noticing my changes and approaching me with diet and exercise questions. In April 2012 I was encouraged to compete and do a show. The challenge in it made me agree to go after it, no matter how big or small the goal, I love a good challenge! The desire to win my first show really started to surface. I made my debut as a figure competitor at the largest most difficult show here, The Arizona NPC in July 2012. My dream/goal became a reality when I took first In figure Class A! This being my first show, I was so nervous about what to expect from check in's to all the athletes to how thing run back stage. With the amazing and professional team aboard Miles productions, everything ran so smooth! All the Athletes were friendly and helpful. I was so impressed with Miles and his team, managing over 200 competitors at this show. They all make you feel so comfortable and relaxed. The Expeditors are helping to calm nerves and tell you right where you need to be and when. They are dedicated to making each individual Athlete feel welcomed and above all else, give each athlete a "no rush" feeling on stage. I could not have asked for a better "first show" experience! Now I'm hooked and will continue to compete. I cannot thank the NPC Miles Production enough for helping to build my successful foundation.

Why I LOVE Fitness: Well like I said, I love a good challenge! There is no greater high for me than challenging my physical self. Set a goal + pushing ones inner self + determination + consistency = amazing results! No matter how bad your day is, getting in the gym is your bodies best therapy. Fitness and weight training is my escape to release negativity and tension. I always say if you can even get in a quick workout you will always feel better and never regret doing it, but I always regret missing one!

My future fitness plans: One plan that will never change is to always strive for more, stay "hungry", never be satisfied, continue for more progress and my hearts success... to never settle for second best. One big goal for 2013 is to be featured in one of my favorite magazines, so far I was recognized by Muscle and Fitness Insider and The Female Hardbody, what an honor thus far. Now being bit hard with the competition bug added with my love of challenge and competitive edge I will definitely continue to compete! I've been training VERY hard since my show in July to pack on more muscle and stand on National stages next. My ultimate goal is earning my pro card. I look forward to my Journey in 2013.

One tip I would give to other Fitness Competitors: Keep your eye on the prize! Never lose faith in yourself and stay away from negativity, its like a disease that could affect your entire process. Have complete tunnel vision by blocking out all the static around you. When you TRULY believe in yourself you must visualize the outcome you desire. There wasn't one day that passed during my show prep that I did not close my eyes and see myself being crowned and taking first place. When I train a body part, I focus on the body part I'm training so much that I close my eyes and invision it looking the way I desire it to be. Dream big, believe it, do it!

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